About Me


Born in the Siberian City of Former Soviet Union,
Larissa, moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2001,
where she has been residing since that time.
In Canada she developed her artistic style through
the Fine Art academical techniques of painting,
drawing, design, sculpture and ceramic studios
whilst studying Art history and philosophy.
Larissa’s Art employs impulsive and unpredictable
brush strokes to promote social intercourse  with a
Her painting style is a combination of the gestural
traces of the object with intricate abstract. It renders
her dreams for the future, love or
playful flirtation in the moment of the individual
obscurity  and ominous.
She  believes, “ART could shift for the better
perspective:  the standpoint not only of the
individual but of societies as well.”
Larissa has participated in many group exhibitions in
Canada and internationally. Her works belong to
private and public collections in Canada and