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The library is a space designated to
hold informative sources (printed,
audio and visual) to be used by and
for people in order to obtain and to
extend their knowledge. The
knowledge will secure freedom and
connection with  reality. The library is
also can be viewed as a volume space
to giving time and relation.  
Existing relationship between the
reader and the writer can change our
( as a reader) )because of our
associations within the ideas or
concepts driven from the sources. We
gather and then we share obtained
knowledge followed with changes of
ourselves and our relationships
'LIBRARY I'  acrylic on canvas 30" x 24", 2009
private collection
Depending on the structure of the
society, the library space can be
open and multi functional or
restricted and narrow for the
entrance and for the library
resources. Boundaries established
by the club’s members or private
view of social groups or governments
will lead their members to the idea
of exclusiveness. If the library space
has boundaries it would turn the
society into the groups of “us” and
'LIBRARY II'   acrylic on canvas 30" x 24", 2009
private collection, Italy