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'WIND CATHER'  mixed media on canvas  40" x 30", 2012

People and Nature,
and the  complexity of this relationship....

"Grow-or-die" philosophy... if we accept it fully,
totally, without questioning its competitiveness;
how  catastrophic would it be?
Did it turn MEN as commodities (with following
NATURE becoming a commodity)? What
ecological  crisis would unfold?

WIND CATCHER, as a notion/a character/a
medium... is to keep balance within oneself or
within the structure.
(wind catcher,Persian: بادگیر bâdgir; bâd "wind" +
gir "catcher", Arabic: ملقف Malqaf or بارجيل
"Barjeel" in Eastern Arabia) is a traditional
Persian architectural elemement used for many
centuries to create natural air balance.)