Gluttony is a sin for this shabby, lazy, red haired Ginger. But when it comes to concerns of his territory and sharing love of his Mum he turns into a fierce bully tiger. Other cats get a little punishment on a regular base, especially Spaz- main Ginger’ s headache. But Spaz lives outside, sleeps under stars and even peed on Christmas tree once: by all means, Spaz got a crown officially and shows zero intention to share it with a red coat fat cat . 
Wishing for some peace, his Mum decided to find a new home for Ginger from where he returned after a week covering 8 miles on his fatty paws. His demands for staying were granted . 
Ginger thinks he is a dog; he talks too much and follows his Mum everywhere around the house. His lazy and cuddling persona, bright coat and cute freckles on the chin could melt any human’s heart and make him a very special cat.

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