-Do you want to hear my story? My family told me that I was born in a big litter of 12 kittens with only two survivors-me and my brother Lazy. I have a white stripe on my leg and my name was originated from that fact. My brother was called Lazy –
Only one could guess why.
I have the very important task to do every morning-to wake my mom and everybody else by scratching glass door with all my paws power! Another task – I am a shadow of Ginger, red haired cat, who lives in a house and smells like cinnamon buns, cream and sardines. Everybody says that he is fat , but in my opinion he is super gorgeous. He would not mind when I kiss him once or twice. 
My mom gives me the best food in the world but she knows that I am the furious lizard Hunter. After all, I am a Texas Cat !

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