Cat For President

Cat For President collection. Hoooomans failed, vote for cats! Save the World with purry fluffer 🙂 .

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Never Loose

Finished the portrait of a beautiful dog. He has been missing deeply. The family friend , animal lover with a huge heart, commissioned this portrait. 


Start on new painting of the beautiful dog, MAHEA whose family had to let her go due to incurable disease. Two days ago one loving family said good buy to their best friend.


DASH RIPROCK, the lovebird who knows how to get the name.
His new family was driving home from the bird’s show. The husband said, ‘ Don’t you want to look at your new bird?’ (The bird was in a bag).
So, the NEW-TO BE-BIRD-MUM took him out in the car and he started flying around in the car ….on the highway!!! And yes, he flew into the dashboard. They made home safe. At home he met his friend , Mango. During some period of time everyone had treated him as a boy , until ‘HE’ surprised his family with showing nesting behaviour of SHE. Mango and Dash live happily as girlfriends ! 

From a Cat’s history

From a Cat’s history it is clear that cats had a high sacred status. They were regarded as incarnation of Goddess BASTED, Egyptian Goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. 
( the complete encyclopedia of cats, E. Verhoef)


‘This Is How The Story Goes’ 
Leo was adopted after he had a big fight with other cats and was injured. His mum loves him because he is the sweetest cat in the whole group. Most handsome one too, with fancy head hair which he insists to be brushed regularly. He lives on a roof patio from where he could observe the whole yard . In a very early morning he talks in a high pitch meow that the whole community could hear him . In the evening he smokes his favourite pipe which he stole from mum’ s hubby ( the last line is a joke )))) , OH , wait , just told,,, it is TRUE!

Lazy Laze

Finished portrait of Lazy-Laze one of the friendliest black cat with the longest whiskers.
He lives outside with the rest of his crew. His mom told that he is an elegant gentle cat, super chill and loyal. He loves stretching under the Sun, playing with his bro, Paw, and enjoy the gourmet FISH, important ingredient for his statuesque frame with the cutest curly tail. That cat is to be loved unconditionally.


-Do you want to hear my story? My family told me that I was born in a big litter of 12 kittens with only two survivors-me and my brother Lazy. I have a white stripe on my leg and my name was originated from that fact. My brother was called Lazy –
Only one could guess why.
I have the very important task to do every morning-to wake my mom and everybody else by scratching glass door with all my paws power! Another task – I am a shadow of Ginger, red haired cat, who lives in a house and smells like cinnamon buns, cream and sardines. Everybody says that he is fat , but in my opinion he is super gorgeous. He would not mind when I kiss him once or twice. 
My mom gives me the best food in the world but she knows that I am the furious lizard Hunter. After all, I am a Texas Cat !


Gluttony is a sin for this shabby, lazy, red haired Ginger. But when it comes to concerns of his territory and sharing love of his Mum he turns into a fierce bully tiger. Other cats get a little punishment on a regular base, especially Spaz- main Ginger’ s headache. But Spaz lives outside, sleeps under stars and even peed on Christmas tree once: by all means, Spaz got a crown officially and shows zero intention to share it with a red coat fat cat . 
Wishing for some peace, his Mum decided to find a new home for Ginger from where he returned after a week covering 8 miles on his fatty paws. His demands for staying were granted . 
Ginger thinks he is a dog; he talks too much and follows his Mum everywhere around the house. His lazy and cuddling persona, bright coat and cute freckles on the chin could melt any human’s heart and make him a very special cat.